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Our Products.
Milwaukee Rigging is proud to be an authorized distributor for the following products:

Wichard Logo
  Wichard Shackles are known for strength and durability. We prefer to install Wichard Shackles on our custom halyards because the forged stainless will bend before it breaks. Cast Shackles will crack and break with little warning, but a forged shackle will bend first, so you will know that the shackle has been exposed to an excessive load.

New England Ropes
   New England Ropes and Milwaukee Rigging can help you with your rope needs: Criusers, racers, dinghy owners, and traditional boats will all find what they need in our extensive inventory. New England Ropes began operations on Popes Island in New Bedford, Mass., where the company operated until 1994, when New England Ropes relocated to Fall River, Mass. New England Ropes continues to operate today in Fall River, providing the area with around 130 jobs.

FES Robline
  Starting in 2009 Milwaukee Rigging is pleased to represent FSE Robline. The many rope items offered by FSE Robline complement the broad offering of New England Ropes, assuring that we will alway be able to offer you the best product for your specific needs. Headquartered in Austria, FSE Robline is imported and represented in the USA by Ronstan.

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