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VPC features a strong core blended with Vectran and polyolefin fibers, with a durable polyester cover. The Vectran gives you the benefits of low stretch and light weight. By blending in polyolefin fibers to increase diameter, VPC will have similar strength specs to Sta-setX, but with less stretch and lighter weight it's great for halyards and jib sheets. Not usually recommended for Mainsheets or other multipart tackle applications unless your sheave diameter is larger than normal - because this VPC rope is just a little stiffer than Sta-set.

We stock sizes 6mm , 8mm , 10mm, and 11mm. New England Rope's "White" VPC is the color shown on the left side in the image between the Red and the Green ropes - there are some colored flecks. The Green color is a Hunter Green, a little darker than appears on the image. Blue is a Navy Blue, also a little darker than appears on the image.
       If you need 1/2 spool or full spool quantities of VPC rope see our VPC bulk quantity page.

 1/4" (6mm) 1.8 00.0 3,200 0,000
 5/16" (8mm) 2.7 40.2 4,000 1,816
 3/8" (10mm) 3.9 58.0 6,500 2,951
 7/16" (11mm) 5.3 78.8 7,500 3,400
VPC by New England Ropes

1/4 in White with colored tracers, .0.69/ft

1/4 inch VPC

5/16" ( 8mm ) White, 0.94/ft
5/16" ( 8mm ) Colors w/ white tracer, 0.94/ft

5/16 inch ( 8mm) VPC

3/8 in.(10mm) White, 1.25/ft
3/8 in (10mm) Colors w/ white tracers, 1.25/ft

3/8 inch ( 10mm) VPC

7/16 in, (11mm) White, 1.63/ft
7/16 in. (11mm) Colors w/ white tracers, 1.63/ft

7/16 inch ( 11mm) VPC

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